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First Digital Marketing course successfully accomplished

OMNICOM successfully delivered the new course from educational portfolio – certification course “Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing”. This course is different from our standard courses – it is dedicated to marketing professionals, that got a chance to achieve the highly valuable, internationally recognized certification in the dynamically growing market of digital (online) marketing.

The course was led by Viliam Bendík, marketing professional with 18 years experiences in classic & digital marketing. Viliam tailored the original DMI courseware and added local examples for this 5-day course, that took place in NIKAR, Bratislava, Slovakia during March 2017. The foundations of this course were prepared by Irish Digital Marketing Institute , course accreditation granted by EXIN, both globally respected accreditation bodies in area of IT & digital marketing.

The course attendees mainly appreciated:

    • Overview in Digital marketing (DM)
    • DM Terminology
    • Orientation in DM SW tools
    • New opportunities, identified during the course

We agreed that this course passed our expectations and that we are obligated to reserve more time for practical examples & exercises and also more time for the certification exam preparation. A good way to prepare for this exam is through Digital Diagnostic online test, that is available for everyone, not just course participants.

Thanks to all the participants of this course, we are looking forward to the next course, taking place during June 2017 in Bratislava.


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