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Year ending course to gain ITIL® Expert qualification


Similarly to previous years, also this year in OMNICOM 12 brave individuals chose to undergo the final journey to gain knowledge in controlling IT services. At the end, there was unmerciful quest of bravery, discipline and especially knowledge waiting for them. They have already undergone long path – firstly it was a basic, but still, difficult “hard skill” ITIL® Foundation course and test. Secondly, they experienced extension ITIL® intermediate courses, where they got to know processes, activities, principles and roles in ITSM in detail. Lastly, it was the four days lasting final ITIL® Managing Across The Lifecycle course. In this course participants got to know the relationship between particular service lifecycles, services and they revised everything what they could have forgotten. On Friday 16th of December 2016, final difficult test waits for these 12 brave participants. If they succeed they will be awarded with ITIL® Expert career degree. (there are only less than 100 people with this degree in whole Slovakia and Czech Republic)

What kind of advantages do they have with  ITIL® Expert?

    • Degree needed for senior positions including consulting services and senior specialists of managing IT services.
    • More valuable CV 
    • Increase in salary (over time surely) 
    • Official announcement at ceremony at international annual itSMF Slovakia conference

Nevertheless, they will also obtain important ticket to high demand “ITIL® Expert Beer” club where the community of ITIL® experts of Slovakia continue to meet and share their experience. We wish them good luck and we believe that the community will expand also this year and Slovakia would still be one of the leaders in region.

Next public course date again in a year!

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