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Why choose our course?

The basic principle of OMNICOM courses is to bring participants a maximum added value and quality, so that participants can apply this knowledge into practice. Therefore all our courses must meet the following criteria:

Experienced lecturers from practice - Our teachers are also the consultants and participate in projects, which bring real experience to the course content.

Own material - We develop our own training materials, we do not buy it from third parties as the most training providers.

Innovative ways of teaching - The course includes innovative ways of learning to allow greater understanding of the course content and increase the chances of successful completion of certification tests.

Theory with practical examples – We are linking theory with real examples of practice very often and this is appreciated by participants of our courses.

Constantly improve the level of courses and trainers - Participation in professional associations such as the itSMF Slovakia and operate the most extensive professional portal of best practices (www.bestpractice.sk and www.bestpractice.cz) allows us to still improve our services.

That's why 90% of the participants evaluate the course "excellent" (very satisfied) and we provide oru services more than 21 years.