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OMNICOM "ITIL4 Update for 2020" seminar

4. December 2019
OMNICOM prepared „ITIL ® 4 Update for 2020" seminar meeting – as in 2018.

GIGO from ITSM tools

23. January 2019
Many decision-makers believe reports produced by ITSM tools are correct and then often make very questionable decisions based on that.


We offer specialised courses, classes and professional literature in the sphere of globally recognised IT best practice.  


With our clients we build long-term strategic partnerships based on mutual trust. We provide consulting and implementing services from strategy settings up to the effective functioning of the operation.

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OMNICOM, s.r.o, Bratislava
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Lakeside park
Tomášikova 64
830 04 Bratislava

Tel.: 02 / 44 45 28 40
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