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WORKSHOP Agile principles in the IT environment

Agile principles in the IT environment

The end users intensively use only about 7% of the whole functionality of applications. This and many other facts were pointed out during another OMNICOM workshop, this time with Agile as a main topic. How to ensure for your application or project to be able to give the key 7% and uselessly waste your time and resources for the “useless” 93%?

During the opening part of the workshop the participants could test their construction skills while building an object of out of some spaghetti and marshmallow. Despite their hard work and effort, some of them have only slightly overcome the performances of pre-schoolers :) The game claimed that:

  • during the process of construction and realisation we collect experiences that help to a better result
  • running iterations generate and test new thoughts and are contributing
  • new limits and restrictions occur and need to be reacted to promptly

Najúspešnejšia skjupina
The most successful group of the Marshmallow Challenge.

The overall explanation of the Agile principles together with an failed story of a rigid observation of the waterfall principle was introduced by Filip Legény. The Successful utilisation of the Agile principles during a software creation and usability testing (How to include the UX into the SW development) was introduced by Martin Krupa of ui42.

WS Agile - Filip
Filip introduces Agile principles     

Over a half of the participants confirmed, that despite their little to no experience with Agile, they can see a real utility and contribution in the IT environment. The rich discussion led to various comments, from which we pick:

  • The Agile approach is different than the usual system of an organisation. Different in the overall attitude, culture, organisation connectivity, split of competencies…
  • Both supplier and customer have to be open to new ideas
  • Distinguish the view of a customer and of the end user
  • Realise prototypes, test, work in iterations, verify functioning… the sooner the better
  • Experiences gained by the realisation are convenient to work in immediately
  • Agile is not a magic wand, that can solve all your problems, but in many cases it can remarkably contribute to creating a value for a customer.

WS Agile - Martin
Martin introduces Successful use of Agile principles in the creation of software testing and usability (UX - user expierence)

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