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OMNICOM - ITpreneurs partnership

21. October 2015
This partnership allows OMNICOM to offer standard Kepner-Tregoe® courses including certification exams.

Assessment of requirements for ERP

15. October 2015
The strategic decision to invest into a new ERP should be supported by good information. Evaluation of requirements using Kano model have helped to reduce the ...

Business – IT Change Management process

15. September 2015
By linking change management process on the part of our customers' business and IT provider companies we achieved significant reduction in change processing ...

Our stand at itSMF Slovakia conference, Bratislava

4. May 2015
Process competition, 1,1 kg coffee beans, 122 espressos drinked out. Succesfull stand at ‎ itSMF‬  Slovakia conference at Bratislava.