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HR Service Management

 4me hr

Streamline and automate your processes and workflows in 4me

Employees today work in a digital and hybrid world. When it comes to services from their Human Resources Department, they expect to access the services they need with the touch of a button. Managers want their teams to be happy and productive and avoid wasting time due to inefficient processes. 4me enables organizations to streamline and automate HR service delivery to provide the service employees want and deserve

One complete enterprise service management platform

4me’s enterprise service management (ESM) platform enables employees to get help for every service the enterprise makes available to them in one place. You can set up complex workflows across multiple internal departments and external service providers. You can collaborate seamlessly with all disciplines to service the same customers while offering one entry point to the customer to report any issue or request any service.

HR service delivery – what can 4me do for you?

With 4me, HR processes that traditionally require too much time and effort can be easily and efficiently automated. 4me provides one user-friendly portal in which all employees and future employees can interact with an organization’s HR department. The portal together with the automatization support a bride scale of HR activities:

-    Vacancy management

-    Onboarding / offboarding

-    Digital personnel file

-    Time tracking

-    Resource management

-    Time off

-    Payroll

-    Performance review

-    Feedback management

-    Reservations for equipment or company cars

-    Talent services

Other useful 4me features for HR and talent management

·       Self-registration

·       No IT skills required

·       Metrics and analytics

·       Individual, segregated 4me account for HR

·       Employee self service

·       Multi-language and culture support

·       Strong privacy

·       Approval processes

·       GDPR compliance

·       Integrations

·       Tasks monitoring and reminders

·       Robotics

·       Mobile devices / 4me app

·       Collaboration with employees and applicants

·       Intelligent QR codes


Key Benefits of 4me solution:

-    Time and cost savings

-    Faster and efficient service delivery

-    Seamless cross-enterprise collaboration

-    Less employee frustration

-    More productive working environment

-    Efficient use of resources

-    Reduced risk

-    Improved accountability/transparency

4me The Complete Service Management Platform

4me® combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities, enabling all internal departments, such as IT, HR, and Facilities, as well as external managed service providers, to work seamlessly with each other. At the same time, 4me provides complete visibility and control of service cost and quality.


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