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Complete Control of Service Cost and Quality

Many enterprises find it more and more complex to control their ever-increasing portfolio of digital services. They often seem challenging to track quality and cost of the service at the same time. Even more when cost is tracked separately from ITSM/ESM tool.




Service cost tracking is often the missing link between service quality and business value. 4me bridges this gap between service and corporate finance with a user-friendly financial management capability that was built into its ITSM/ESM solution from the start. It took years to perfect the functionality, which is now available to all 4me customers.

This is where 4me can make a real difference. OMNICOM as 4me partner can now deliver complete service management platform providing full visibility and complete control of the cost and quality of all digital enterprise services, whether internally or externally provided.


To learn more about the importance of cost tracking and what 4me can do for you, read our white paper on ‘Service Cost Tracking’, the EMA eBook about ‘IT service cost tracking in ITSM: the missing link between IT service quality and business value’, and the EMA research findings on IT Service Cost Tracking Impact.


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Service Cost Tracking:

How to capture enterprise service costs and provide actionable management reporting.




IT Service Cost Tracking in ITSM:

The missing link between IT service quality and business value.




IT Service Cost Tracking Impact:

Research Findings.


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