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ITIL®4 seminar

OMNICOM, AXELOS partner in Slovakia held the ITIL4 seminar presenting the new ITIL4 best practice in the modern Satori Stage place in Bratislava on 22nd november 2018. This seminar was prepared for existing OMNICOM customers, attendees of ITIL courses.  


OMNICOM opened the seminar with analysis of existing ITIL V3 framework and its weaknesses when adapting it in the modern IT world – like SW development, agility, Value Chain etc.

OMNICOM trainer, member of Global ITIL Development Group (with around 2000 experts around the globe) presented basic information about the changes awaited like integrating ITIL4 with digital platforms, Fourth industrial revolution, Agile, DevOps and importancy of focusing on holistic approach in IT service delivery.  

miro_itil4We have also went through the new officially released ITIL4 Qualification Scheme in detail, incl. answers to questions like transition from existing ITIL V3 modules and certifications.

The new ITIL4 Foundation course was introduced at the end of the seminar. The course will be ready during first half of March 2019 and the online reservation is already possible. There were a lot of questions in discussion, their short resume could be found in Q&A part of bestpractice.sk

strudleITIL Expert Group party was the last, non-formal part of our meeting, serving dinner and local craft beer. It also included many discussions not only about ITSM and IT.

We are very glad that this seminar fulfilled its goals and we are looking forward for next meeting discussing the official release of ITIL4 framework.


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