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Value Stream Mapping for Software Delivery

KROS, a company offering economical, construction and expert software, strives to deliver high-quality solutions in terms of functionality and user experience, as well as providing their services quickly and efficiently. Achieving success with such contradictory objectives is not easy. OMNICOM has extensive experience in optimizing processes and transforming companies from the field of providing IT services and software development.

The result of the workshop at KROS was the visualization of workflows for Software Delivery - the so-called Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and identification of bottlenecks and Time to Market constraints.

After planning the workshop, OMNICOM executed it together with key members of KROS teams, and evaluated the outcomes. A number of bottlenecks were identified, such as:

-    Long wait for Code review

-    Frequent retesting and following code fixes, causing the Complete & Accurate indicator to be less than 20%.

The team subsequently defined the proposed measures to eliminate these weaknesses that prolong Time to Market:

-    Accelerate the execution of the Code review task by providing organizational security and improving communication

-    Accelerate feedback on test results and code quality for the developer

-    Improve code quality directly at the developer - quality at source

-    Implement team work measurements (by item type)

-    Increase the proportion of automated tests

The implementation of these measures is expected to reduce the deployment of code for the given type of requirements, and thus the total Time to Market, by 40%.

The workshop took place online using the Miro tool. The following image shows the final Value stream:



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