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Webinar: Why 4me is special - a 30 minute public demo


Date and time: 

  • 18.1.2022 od 1:00 PM
  • 15.2.2022 od 1:00 PM
  • 15.3.2022 od 1:00 PM


Martijn Adams – Chief Customer Officer at 4me

Andy Richardson – Service Management Architect at 4me


Join this webinar to see first hand how 4me works and what makes it so special. In just 30 minutes, we will introduce you to a platform that differs significantly from other service management tools. Martijn Adams, Chief Customer Officer, and Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect, will discuss 4me’s service centric approach with full transparency on service cost, quality and experience, fast and easy integration of service providers, our Enterprise Service Management readiness and much more.





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